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How can I book my tickets?
Can I alter or cancel my booking?
How much luggage am I allowed?
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  • Where should I book my tickets?

  • Can I cancel my ticket?

  • Can I alter my booking?

  • Is it possible to book a return trip for the same day?

  • Are there any reduced fares for students / senior citizens / disabled passengers?

  • How do I book for a group of over 9 people?

  • How do I make a booking for a child under 4 years old?

  • How do I receive tickets booked on line?

  • When is the latest I can book my ticket before travelling?

  • How can I book a ticket if I don't have a credit card?

  • How do I know which shuttle I should take?

  • How much time should I allow for check in before departure/ for my arrival at the airport?

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