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Shuttle Bus Bruges - Brussels Zaventem Airport

Shuttle Bus Bruges - Brussels Airport Zaventem

Travelling by bus from Bruges is the smartest way to get to Brussels Airport Zaventem. On our website you can find all the information you need and buy your ticket online in just a few clicks. And by buying online you can take advantage of the best prices and always have your ticket to hand.

Going by bus means you can save on parking costs, petrol and wear and tear to your car. It's also more environmentally friendly, because one bus pollutes much less than lots of cars and creates much less traffic.

Shuttle bus journey from Bruges to Brussels Airport Zaventem

On our website you can buy online tickets for your journey between Bruges and the Brussels Airport Zaventem, enabling you to arrive on time and stress-free while saving on the cost of parking or car rental. is the ideal solution for a relaxed journey from your city to the airport aboard a comfortable shuttle bus.


Bus stop locations in Bruges:


  • Bruges - Station (Rijselstraat-Spoorwegstraat / kiss & ride zone): The bus stop is located behind the train station at the corner with Rijselstraat and Spoorwegstraat on the kiss & ride zone.


Bus stop at the Brussels Airport Zaventem:


  • Pick-up and drop-off: Brussels Airport Zaventem at the parking P16



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