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Lille Airport

Shuttle Bus Between Lille and Lille Airport

Express bus
Express bus

Direct and express shuttle bus, without any stops

Departure every 60 minutes
Departure every 60 minutes

Departures every 60 minutes

Book online easily
Book online easily

Book online: save and secure your seat

Shuttle Bus Lille - Lille-Lesquin Airport

When it comes to travelling between Lille and Lille Airport, the smart option is to book a shuttle bus with offers the fastest and most comfortable bus service, ensuring a seamless journey between the city and the airport. With a quick travel time of just 20 minutes, our direct route eliminates any unnecessary stops along the way. Experience the convenience of purchasing your ticket online, allowing you to save money. If you miss the bus, just take the next one, since each ticket is valid for the entire day, extending until 04:00 AM of the following day. not only provides reliable and comfortable transportation but also offers the best prices, making it the top choice for reaching Lille Airport.



Can I cancel or change my ticket?

You can cancel or modify your booking up to 1 day before your departure.

For account users: To do so log on to your account using your email and password, go to the ‘Planned Trips’ section, and cancel the relevant booking. The cost of the booking will be credited to your Flibco account and the amount will be automatically deducted from your next booking.

For guest users: Go to Manage Booking and search for your booking with your ticket number and email address used for the purchase. There you can cancel your ticket and add the booking cost to a flibco account or easily create an account to use your credit in your next booking.

How much time should I allow before my flight leaves/after it arrives?

To the airport:

You should allow enough time so as not to risk the check-in desk being closed when you arrive. We recommend 30 minutes for flights within the Schengen area and up to 60 minutes for flights outside the Schengen area.
You are advised to arrive two to three hours before your flight leaves.


From the airport:

Allow at least half an hour to get to the shuttle.
Take into account the time it takes to collect your luggage and clear customs.

What do I do if I miss my shuttle or my flight is delayed?

No stress, just hop on the next bus. Your ticket is valid for the entire day (not for a specific departure).

How long does it take to go from Lille to Lille Airport?

It depends on the traffic, but on average it takes around 20 minutes. During peak hours it might take longer.

How much does the bus cost between Lille and Lille Airport?

If you buy online: a one-way ticket for one person costs 7.99 euros. However, if you book a ticket with a return trip it just costs 13.99 euros so only 6.99 per ticket.

How many pieces of luggage can I carry on the bus?

You can carry as much luggage as you want. 1 hand luggage + 1 checked luggage per passenger are included in your booking for free:

- One (1) piece of hand luggage that the passenger keeps with him/her during the transport:
Maximum size: 35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
Maximum weight: 10 kg

- One (1) piece of luggage in the hold of the bus:
Maximum size: 55 cm x 85 cm x 40 cm 
Maximum weight: 25 kg

However, with a small surcharge, you can request to bring more luggage.

Shuttle bus journey from Lille to Lille-Lesquin Airport

Lille Lesquin Airport, located 10 kilometers southeast of Lille city center, is a transportation hub offering a range of amenities for travelers. To ensure a hassle-free journey, the shuttle bus service provided by is the best option to get to Lille Airport. It is eco-friendly, fast, reliable and affordable, making it an excellent choice for travelers. Book your tickets in advance through the website to enjoy a seamless and sustainable transportation experience to and from the airport.

Travel time
Travel time

20 minutes - The fastest solution

Open day ticket
Open day ticket

Each ticket is valid for the entire day for one journey (until 04:00 AM of the following day)

You can cancel your booking 1 day before departure.

Relax with plenty of legroom
Relax with plenty of legroom

Enjoy a comfortable ride to/from the airport.

Extra room available for XXL luggage

Enjoy a drop-off at the airport
Enjoy a drop-off at the airport

Feel like a VIP

Choose to be green
Choose to be green

Travelling by shuttle can reduce your CO2 emissions

Regain time for yourself
Regain time for yourself

On board the bus, you can watch films, read a book, and even fine-tune your travel plans

Stay connected with on-board Wi-Fi
Stay connected with on-board Wi-Fi

You can watch a film or TV series, or catch up on some work