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Door2Gate to Zaventem Airport

Door2Gate: the smart taxi from Zaventem Airport to Leuven

 Starting from 29,99 euro per person



Door2Gate is the smartest way to get from Brussels Zaventem Airport to Leuven. Door2Gate picks you up from your home just like a taxi, but it's much less expensive because they let you share the journey with other passengers going the same way.

Going on a trip is always an exciting experience and getting to the airport shouldn't spoil all the magic. We take care of everything. All you have to do is book your Door2Gate on our website or app, specifying the time you want to arrive at the airport or the time you want to be picked up at the airport on the way back. Our system takes care of all the rest: it calculates the exact time of departure from your home after taking into account the traffic and sends you an email to confirm the exact time we’ll come to pick you up.


Punctuality is a priority for us. We ask when you want to arrive at the airport so we can be sure to pick you up at exactly the right moment to get you there on time.
Our other priority is to guarantee you the lowest possible price. Our system calculates the best route and lets you share the journey with other passengers. That way we can always offer you much cheaper rates than taxis or traditional airport shuttle services.

Ready for your next trip? Sit back and relax, we'll take care of the rest.




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Door2Gate: the smart taxi from Brussels to Brussels Zaventem Airport



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