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21.10.2014 – 14h00
Changes in schedule Bruges – Ghent – Charleroi Airport

Dear flibco.com Customer,

We apologize for the fact that we have had to make the following changes to the schedule :

Departure Bruges: 11h20 (new) instead of 11h00 (old)
Departure Ghent: 12h00 (new) instead of 11h40 (old)

Departure Bruges: 14h00 (new) instead of 13h25 (old)
Departure Ghent: 14h40 (new) instead of 14h05 (old)

Departure Bruges: 15h50 (new) instead of 15h00 (old)
Departure Ghent: 16h30 (new) instead of 15h40 (old)

Departure Charleroi Airport: 10h40 (new) instead of 10h20 (old)

Departure Charleroi Airport: 12h45 (new) instead of 12h30 (old)

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care service if you require further information.

We thank you for your understanding.

Your flibco.com team

01/08/2014 – 10h00
Road works on the journey in direction of Charleroi Airport
Due to several road works on the way to Charleroi Airport, we kindly ask you to count enough time for the journey in order to arrive on time (at least 2 hours before scheduled flight departure) for your check-in at the Airport.

We expect delays of about 15 minutes during the rush hours from Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your comprehension.

16.05.2014 – 09h00
„Flibco.com“ honored with the ICT Flagship Award 2014!

On 15th May 2014, Luxembourg’s airport shuttle service “flibco.com” was honored in the presence of prime minister Xavier Bettel with the Flagship Award for the best “ICT contribution to Luxembourg’s economic development 2014”.
Organized by IT-Nation, more than 800 guests from the IT-business have met at the 7th edition of Golden-i in “Mondorf-les-bains”. This meeting each year is getting more and more imported for CEOs and the heads of IT-business.
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01.08.2014 – 08h00
Relocation of the flibco bus stop at Frankfurt City

The flibco bus stop at Frankfurt City is now located at Hauptbahnhof Stuttgarter Strasse Bohr-Stop