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flibco new lines

New connections between Antwerp, Breda, Liège, Maastricht and the Charleroi Airport

21 Junho 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of 2 new lines: Breda-Antwerp-Charleroi and Maastricht-Liege-Charleroi. As of 2nd July, 2019, Charleroi airport will be connected with regular departures to and from these cities. Tickets are already available on our website, so book your trip now or check our schedules. 
Our goal is to help people on their next adventure, so we decided to offer an unbelievably low launch price for July: all trips in July will be just €5 per person!

So, what are you waiting for? If you already have a flight planned from Charleroi airport, hurry up and book your ticket. If, however, you don’t yet have any travel plans, go and check out the wide range of travel destinations available from Charleroi Airport because now, thanks to, the airport is even closer to your town.

Every journey starts with a first step! Just choose your flight and we’ll take care of safely getting you to the airport on time!

flibco new lines