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Where should I book my tickets?

The simplest and best way to book your tickets is online, paying with your credit card. Customers with an online reservation take priority.

However, allows you to book your tickets in several ways.

Tickets can be:

Booked through one of our Customer Service Agents using your credit card from Monday to Friday, 4 a.m. to 23 p.m.

- From Luxembourg: 900 75 700 (€0.55/min.)

- From France: 0970 441 433 (€0.55/min.)

- From Germany: 0180-150 75 70 (€0.55/min.)

- From Belgium: 070 211 210 (0,30 EUR/min) or 071 251  298 (local phone charges apply)

- From Portugal: +351 261 95 10 10 (€0.55/min.)

- International: +352 50 55 62 1 (€0.55/min.)


Bought from the bus driver.
Tickets purchased from the coach driver are more expensive, so it is more economical to buy your tickets before your journey. Our coach drivers also only sell single tickets and will only sell them is there space on the coach.


Do you live in Luxembourg?
If so, you can also purchase your tickets at one of our We Love To Travel agencies in Luxembourg, in Messancy (B) or in Mont St. Martin (F). If you book through one of these agents, there is an administration fee of €10 per person.


Avoid disappointment and plan your journey in advance by booking online!