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Portugal Shuttle starting from Luxembourg

France and Luxembourg are countries hosting many expatriate Portuguese. Many of these make the journey to Portugal, to visit their families back home on the Iberian Peninsula. The most economical option for this journey is still the bus.

Many stops in France, Spain and in Portugal

With luxury coaches making the journey 3 times a week,, offers in cooperation with “Iberocoach”, a practical and economical solution to getting to Portugal. Leaving from Luxembourg, the shuttles to Portugal stops in several French towns, such as Reims, Paris, Tours and Bordeaux, Spain towns, Bilbao, Burgos and Palencia as well as Portuguese towns like Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Guarda.

Offered services

  • Comfortable shuttles
  • 3 weekly departures for the outward as well as for the return journey
  • Free Wifi in the shuttles
  • Breakfast or lunch during the trip
  • Toilet available on board of the shuttles
  • Baggage included in the price