Who are we?

Flibco shuttle bus transport services

The transport specialist for Charleroi and Frankfurt airports

When we need to take a flight, we are very often left with the job of finding transport to the airport. To meet this need in the best possible way, Flibco has launched tens of daily shuttle buses to Charleroi and Frankfurt Hahn & Main airports.

Coordinated with your flights, Flibco shuttle buses combine simplicity with low prices.

For example, you can take advantage of a journey from Lille to Charleroi in 1 hour 40 minutes at prices starting as low as 5€, or travel from Charleroi airport to Brussels in under 30 minutes.

Ever eager to please, Flibco also offers a coach service between Luxembourg and Portugal.

With many stops in French towns, Portugal has never been so accessible!

See pictures of Flibco buses, guaranteeing you an economical and luxurious mode of transport

Take a look at our video gallery, and imagine yourself on board a Flibco bus, enjoying all the facilities available to you.